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NSOF Members Rules

Whilst wearing the {=NSOF=} tag, or any other approved variant of the said tag, then the member wearing the tags, shall at all times conduct themselves within the official RoE and CoC as set out below.

{=NSOF=} Rules Of Engagement

No member shall -

1. Purposely kill another teammate.

2. Knowingly engage in any game exploit.

3. Act in a disruptive manner with the intent of decreasing other peoples enjoyment levels on any public servers.

4. Engage in the use of "hacks" or any other third party software that is designed to exploit or change the game content.

5. Engage in slanderous arguments with other clans or public members.

6. Break the RoE of the Gaming Network they are playing on.

7. Every member agrees to abide by the internal structure within {=NSOF=}

Members shall -

8. No member shall knowingly play with an intent to adversely effect {=NSOF=} reputation, image, or general good standing within the online gaming community.

9. Conduct themselves in a courteous and respectful manner towards all other members at all times.

10. Agree to "explain there actions", to {=NSOF=} command, if a complaint is made against them.

11. Make all reasonable efforts to attend practice sessions and scrims.

12. Conduct themselves in the fairest way possible when playing on public servers.

{=NSOF=} Code of Conduct

Members shall -

1. Act in a courteous and respectful manner to fellow players at all times.

2. Abide by CoC of any gaming network they are playing on/using.

3. Make every possible effort to promote a clean and fair image of themselves whilst wearing the {=NSOF=} tags.

4. Not engage in abusive or disrespectful argument with other members.

5. Abide by all {=NSOF=} Command decisions and rulings.

6. Not knowingly give, too any other party,passwords, account details or information relating to {=NSOF=}, to any other party that may use any of the information to the detriment of {=NSOF=}.

7. Not abuse any clan privileges they may have been granted.

8. Make every possible effort to participate and interact in a courteous and respectful manner with all other members of the clan.

9. Not ridicule any other member of the clan.

10. Make every possible effort to openly participate in clan activities such as practice and scrims.

11. Not under any circumstance, behave in a manner which could be degrading to {=NSOF=} reputation.

12. Promote an enjoyable gaming environment with fellow clansmen through there individual behavior.

Disciplinary Measures

1. The use of "hacks" as determined {=NSOF=} Command will result in instant dismissal from the clan and removal from all team lists, along with with public announcements in the appropriate forums as Command sees fit.

2. Any member found to be knowingly degrading the {=NSOF=} reputation will be dismissed from the clan.

3. Any members found not to be abiding any other networks RoE and CoC may face disciplinary action as {=NSOF=} Command see's fit.

4. Members acting in abusive, disrespectful, or disruptive manners may face disciplinary action as {=NSOF=} Command see's fit.

5. Members found to be knowingly and/or willingly giving any information/access/passwords to non clan members, with the intent of damaging {=NSOF=} as a clan, or any individual within {=NSOF=}, shall face instant dismissal from the clan.

6. In the case of dismissal from the clan, all clan privileges and rights shall be revoked.

7. All complaints will be dealt with in full by {=NSOF=} Command as they see fit.

8. All disciplinary measures will be final

9. All factors will be considered prior to any decisions being handed down.

We as Command, hope never to have to enforce these rules on any of our members, and would like to think that by our careful recruitment and close knit relations we should be able to avoid any controversy without the use of these measures.

We strive to promote a fair and enjoyable environment to game within, and as such, we will take any necessary actions, as we see fit, to ensure this environment is maintained.

The use of any {=NSOF=} tag indicates agreement by the user, to the above Rules of Engagement and Code of Conduct.

{=NSOF=} Command