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Author Topic: How to apply to join {=NSOF=}  (Read 2886 times)

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How to apply to join {=NSOF=}
« on: November 12, 2006, 08:52:27 PM »
{=NSOF=} are NOT currently recruiting

{=NSOF=} is well regarded within the Australian online gaming community for our sportsmanship and commitment to ensuring online gaming is fun, friendly and fair. As a result we enjoy good relationships with most other fps gaming clans. We are a friendly bunch of guys that enjoy gaming together and we encourage teamwork and have experienced members who are always happy to offer advice when asked.

All new members are expected to uphold the clan's values around fair play and mutual respect and please bear in mind if you are considering applying that {=NSOF=} is a mature clan and only accepts members over 18 years of age.

Before applying please ensure you read this post on what is expected of all members.

In order to apply please register on the forums and post an application in this board by copying/pasting the following questions and adding your answers.

- Age:
- Gaming alias:
- Location:
- Why you want to join:
- Have you been in a clan before (if yes which clan)?:
- Have you used Teamspeak before?:
- Are you keen to participate in scrims and ladder matches?:
- A link to your BF1 stats:
- What is your internet connection:
- Which games do you prefer to play:
- Contact Details: MSN/XFire/Email and the likes:
- Anything else about yourself:
- Do you agree to abide by our ROE and COC?:

You will be notified in your application thread if you have been granted a trial membership. Trials can last from four weeks to a few months - during your trial period you are not entitled to wear NSOF tags in game.

All members (including those on trials) are expected to join our Teamspeak channel when they are playing online.
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